Frustrations Beginning Star Gazers Face


  1. Canít focus subject in telescope.
    • Use lower power eyepiece
    • Slowly adjust focus knob
    • Donít look out a window with telescope
    • Poor quality telescope
    • Distant land object is blurred by air/heat waves
    • Object is to close to telescope
    • Clean eyepiece.
    • Fogged main Lens/Mirror (Objective)
  2. Canít find stuff through telescope

        See page on site forfinding stuff.

        Telescope to small to see faint objects

        To much light pollution

  1. Object wonít hold still (shakes)
    • Usually caused by poor tripod

                                                               i.      Donít extend tripod as much

                                                             ii.      Tighten screw/bolts on tripod

                                                            iii.      Get better tripod

    • If caused by wind

                                                               i.      Try to block wind

                                                             ii.      Lower tripod

    • Make sure star diagonal and or Barlow are in tight if used
    • Make sure tripod is set up level
  1. Object wonít hold still (slowly moves across eyepiece field)

        Most always caused by Earths rotation with Alt-Azimuth type mount

                                                               i.      Cured by using properly set up Equatorial or Fork Mount ($)

        May be caused by telescope mounted to loose

                                                               i.      Tighten mount to scope

        May be caused by too much weight added to front or back of telescope

                                                               i.      Use weight to counter balance

        Much more noticeable and bothersome at high magnification

                                                               i.      Lessened by using lower power

  1. Objects viewed do not look like the pictures!
    • Eyes arenít as sensitive to light as photographs (biological limitation)
    • Eyes do not see color in low light situations (biological limitation)
    • Earth based telescopes arenít as good as Space probe photos (Atmosphere)
    • Misleading advertisement
    • Telescope too small ($ limitation)

                                                               i.      Larger telescope ($$$) will see more detail and fainter objects but your eyes still wonít see color.

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Dan Murry